About Daily Cigar Deals
I started Daily Cigar Deals to help fellow cigar smokers get the best deal on their cigar purchases. It is painful to receive 15 different emails a day from 15 different retailers. It clogs your inbox and many times you will end up missing deals.
Daily Cigar Deals solves this problem in two ways.
First, the website is updated every hour with the cigar deals currently going from over 50 retailers. Anyone can come to the site, at any time, and search for cigar deals by brand, retailer, and so on.
Second, to help consolidate emails cigar lovers receive, I will send email, typically around Noon EST, listing out all the best cigar deals. Days there are good deals, you will get an email. Days there isn’t, you won’t get an email.
This is a free service. I am retired and this is how I am spending my retirement.
About Me
I recently retired from Corporate America, and now spend my time online looking for the best deals and coupons for premium cigars and accessories. I am also combining my two passions of horticulture and cigars. I’m going to attempt to grow a tobacco crop for cigars, more on this as the spring approaches…
I was born and raised in Massachusetts, I live in Milford with my wife Peg and my daughter Leah. I have had a colorful career background, greenhouse grower, commercial fisherman, service manager at a large marina in Naples FL. When I went to graduate school, I fell into the print industry, and never could get out until recently. I got tired of the corporate world, with its machine-like mentality. Just being a cog in the machine, one can get removed, replaced, or laid-off virtually overnight. The ONLY thing I miss is my morning and evening cigar during my daily commute.
My favorite cigars usually fall in the medium-full to full range in strength and flavor. Some of my favorite brands are RoMa Craft, Crowned Heads, Tatuaje, BLTC, to name a few. Here is a link to my personal humidor
Here is a list of my social media usernames:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1199515406
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ScottWi17229296
r/cigars – ShooterMA
Cigar Federation – Shooter